Flat Roofing

There are several different types of roof systems that can be used for flat roofing, such as 4 ply tar and gravel, SBS modified membrane, EPDM, TPO, with different applications involved.

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When re-roofing, the existing roof system is taken off and all debris dumped. Steel deck is swept clean, removing all debris. Steel deck may have to be patched in a few areas due to redundant pipe openings etc.

Insulation is normally installed as part of the roof system, (unless it has been insulated from inside the building)

Roofing Companies Barrie - Flat Roofing 2"Poly ISO" or polyisocyanruate insulation is a UL class A fire rating resistance board insulation, which comes in either 4X4 sheets or 4X8 sheets, and has varying thicknesses depending on the thermal resistance values required for the building. ( please click on to the Firestone logo on our home page for thermal property chart)

Poly ISO is normally installed with plates and screws over the vapour barrier on the roof deck. Poly ISO can also be tapered to produce a positive flow of water to the roof drains. See posislope website on home page

Fiber board insulation; The fiber board insulation is installed over the ISO board insulation normally with hot asphalt. It is an engineered wood product made out of wood fibers.

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This roof has an SBS modified bitumen roof system. The base sheet consists of a non woven polyester 100 or 180 g/m2 reinforcement sheet either torch welded onto a protection board, or applied with hot asphalt onto the fiber board insulation board. (this particular picture has a SBS modified base sheet applied with hot asphalt)

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Flashing of parapets are installed with 3 foot pieces of 180 g/m2 modified membrane. These flashings can either be torch welded in place or applied with hot asphalt.

The second layer of SBS modified membrane is either a modified plus NP 180 or NP 250 poly cap sheet. This sheet can either be applied by torch welding or hot asphalt. The more popular being torch applied for this top layer. Notice the factory applied surface which is granular to aid in ultra violet resistance and durability for the roof surface, which also comes in various colours. This gives excellent puncture resistance and strength against tearing.

This is an excellent roof system, which will give many years of protection against the elements for your home or commercial building.

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EPDM roof system; EPDM has a synthetic rubber compound foundation which helps to make us this single ply roof system. It comes in varying thicknesses, but most common are either 45 mil or 60 mil. Installation procedures vary depending on the structure of the building.

This particular picture is a fully adhered single ply EPDM roof system where the membrane is fully adhered.

Many times EPDM will be loose laid with a river wash stone ballast over top. This is widely used on large commercial buildings.

"please see Firestone website at bottom of home page"

Roofing Companies Barrie - Flat Roofing 6A Scupper drain is one type of drainage for flat roofing. When the roof slopes to the edge of the roof, normally a roof scupper is used which is a drain on the outside of the building as shown in this picture

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